• Ready Player One
    Ready Player One
    by Ernest Cline

    Seriuosly, one of the coolest books I've read in a LONG time.  If you are a geek that grew up in the 80s, you gotta read this book.

  • Okay for Now
    Okay for Now
    by Gary D. Schmidt

    This was gift from a dear friend.  Although it is a children's book, it was fun to read.

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Housework - Downstairs Bathroom

So, we bought a house recently.  It's a nice house.  But, like a lot houses out on the market, it needs some work.  The house was missing a few light fixtures, some door handles, a door, and some other things.  First project I took on was the light fixture in the downstairs restroom.  Wifey found some light fixtures she liked on Craigslist.  Now it's up to me to install it.

Here's what we started with...

After figuring out which breaker to shut off (doesn't anybody ever label those things?), some wire caps and power drill we have this...

Followed by some covers...

Looks pretty nice so far.  Then came the moment of truth.  Could I flip the power on and short out the house or cause a fire?

I guess it worked.  1 Project down, I don't know how many more to go.

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