• Ready Player One
    Ready Player One
    by Ernest Cline

    Seriuosly, one of the coolest books I've read in a LONG time.  If you are a geek that grew up in the 80s, you gotta read this book.

  • Okay for Now
    Okay for Now
    by Gary D. Schmidt

    This was gift from a dear friend.  Although it is a children's book, it was fun to read.


The Ultimate Yankees Road Trip

Hello, my name is Jathniel and I’m a baseball fan…

So I was inspired the other day.  I was watching a show on MLB TV about two guys and 30 stadiums.  These two guys went on a road trip to visit all 30 stadiums in 30 days culminating in the All-Star game.  Seriously, how cool is that?  Then the light bulb turned on and I thought…

“Heeeeeyyyyyy…. I can do that.”

Ok, well not exactly like that but similar.  After some research and discussion with my other half, I’ve decided to go on my…

ULTIMATE YANKEES ROAD TRIP (insert thunderous music here).

So the plan is to see the Yankees play in all 30 MLB stadiums.  Now, I know what you’re thinking,

“Jathniel, the Yankees don’t play in all 30 stadiums.”

Yeah, I know.  I never said this would be easy.  However, it is doable.  According to Wikipedia, “As of 2010, every Major League team has had interleague series with each team in the opposing league.”

I figure some teams will be pretty easy to knock out.  I’m about days drive away from Los Angeles (Angels, Dodgers), San Diego (Padres), and Phoenix (Diamondbacks).  A shuttle flight will get me to the Bay Area (Giants, A’s)and Denver (Rockies).  And a weekend trip gets me to Seattle (Mariners) and Texas (Astros, Rangers).  That’s 10 stadiums. One-third of the way there.

The East Coast leg of the UYRT would also be relatively easy simply because I wouldn’t have to worry about where I would be staying (with family in NYC).  So NYC (Yankees, Mets) is done.  From my base of operations in NYC and the short driving distances and available train transportation and it becomes really simple.  This would include Boston (Red Sox), Pennsylvania (Pirates, Phillies), Baltimore (Orioles), and Washington (Nationals).  That’s another 7 teams for a total of 17, more than half.

Florida would also be relatively easy, just a bit more driving.  I’ve got family on Orlando so I can know out two more teams (Marlins, Rays).  Heck, I could probably knock out Atlanta (Braves) with and extended road trip from Orlando.  If the Yankees ever open the season in Florida, I’ll add a Spring Training game to the schedule. Add 3 (+1 bonus for the ST game) more for 20 +1 and this actually looks doable.  Unfortunately, the last 10 are going to be a pain.

I’ve always wanted to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  I could do that and Toronto (Blue Jays) on the same trip.  I got my passport and Niagara Falls is on the way.  I can use the Falls to bribe my wife.  She loves that place.  So now we are at 21 +2 (for the HoF).

Now here comes the hardest leg of this adventure, the Central Divisions.  These will have to be done in batches of 2-3 stadiums at a time.  Of course, it also depends on the scheduling of the games.  Fortunately, if history is any indication, MLB tends to schedule this group pretty close together.  Look at MLB’s 2005 schedule.  The Yankees managed to do Kansas City, Minnesota, Milwaukee and St. Louis all in one road trip.  The final 9 are going to be the most difficult to get.

Of course, I will be documenting every part of this adventure.  I’ll be getting a map that displays all the ballparks and has spots for me to fill in information.  Rest assured that there will be plenty of pictures. Still trying to decide what souvenir I’ll be buying at each stadium.  It should be something available at each stadium and not very expensive.   I’ll also try to record what I can.  I’m trying to come up with ideas for a sign, any suggestions are welcome.

So there it is.  Yeah, I ‘m crazy but seriously wouldn’t you do that same thing for your team if you could?